Sustainable Information Technology

Project Management or Coordination – Waterfall, Agile

Oceania Technology can conduct Project Management to which ever standard desired, though we are not certified, we have worked diligently to conduct our work to the highest standards in the industry (internally to ISO standards) and will ensure the customer is happy with the results – The default is to use Microsoft Project to deploy any given project and to use standard Information Technology Industry communication and leadership techniques – stakeholders may keep up to date with progress via regular updates to the gantt charts by email and/or via a steering committee meeting as decided at the instigation of each project.

Oceania Technology can supervise the project across the full Systems Development Life Cycle, including change management according to ITIL standards. Oceania can assist  with Business Analysis or simply with time estimates, but these should be agreed by all members of a given project.

Initially it must be decided if the waterfall or agile approach is be employed for a given project. Agile works better when the team members work near by so they can all attend daily stand-up meetings or teleconferencing can be employed. Oceania Technology defaults to waterfall if undecided. We are happy to employ skype or your resident teleconferencing facilities to reduce the carbon cost of the project.

Project management may include the supervision of budgets – coordination does not include accountability and is billable at a lower rate – the role the Oceania professionals take at inset must be agreed in advance.

Oceania Technology’s goal is to meet milestones on time within budget – deviations will be reported to the stakeholders who are members of the steering committee and time or budget amended as agreed. Fixed milestones are best defined as waterfall where the complexities of the project can be accounted for and projected better in advance. Ultimately Mission creep is in the hands of the steering committee.

The minimum controls we manage are time and risk. Optionally we can also agree to manage: cost and carbon cost – Oceania Technology accounts for its own internal carbon cost in any case – to apply these checks to any given project for all members, the members must optionally fill in additional time sheets for carbon expenditure on a daily bases. These forms are available online with a logon required (presently under development).

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